Top Free Video Editing Software

Edit footage on di động or desktop. Showroom graphics, effects, transitions, & high-quality audio. Create compelling content with motion graphics and compositing techniques. Export your finished đoạn phim for social media or 4K movie releases. Take your video footage further for film, TV, và online viewing with industry-leading đoạn clip editing software and apps.

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Available cross-device Edit on your phone, tablet, Mac or PC — wherever. Your edits are automatically synced so you always have access khổng lồ your latest versions.

Easy editing With an intuitive interface, interactive tutorials, & creative flexibility as you progress, Rush makes editing for social truyền thông media a snap.

Share khổng lồ social Share directly khổng lồ social truyền thông media sites lượt thích YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, & more — even publish to lớn multiple sites at once.

Built-in camera (on mobile) Capture pro-quality videos và photos from right inside the app with built-in camera functionality.

Color adjustment Choose presets or create custom filters with simple sliders lớn adjust tint, exposure, & more.

Motion graphics templates Choose from a selection of built-in templates—or access more from Stock—for titles & animated titles that you can customize by changing text, font, color, and size.

Full featured & flexible, Premiere Pro is the best đoạn clip editing software khổng lồ handle footage for web, TV, & feature productions. Trim, edit, apply transitions and effects, adjust color, and địa chỉ titles và graphics.



For everything from motion pictures khổng lồ videos for the web, Premiere Pro is the industry-leading choice for professional-quality desktop video editing.

Import clips Add video, audio, & graphics without worrying about formats. Premiere Pro will handle the details.


Edit đoạn phim on the timeline Trim clips, crop video, and rearrange scenes. Intuitive controls let you get exactly the look, sound, & feel you want.

Add effects A wide range of drag-and-drop effects và transitions cover every contingency. Many can be animated for a professional touch.

Export & share Dozens of presets for đoạn phim output, from HD khổng lồ YouTube or mobile, make it very easy to giới thiệu your story. With a few clicks, export your clip optimized for social media, đoạn phim sharing, TV, or cinema.

Color correction Adjust the color in your footage & apply distinctive color grades. Give a professional touch khổng lồ your videos.

Dynamic audio Use powerful tools khổng lồ remove background noise, improve clarity, & enhance soundtracks. Dazzle your audience with professional sound.

Professional video editing Get the perfect chroma key (greenscreen) effects, apply track transitions, use multicam editing, create a kiểm tra reel, & much more. Premiere Pro is packed with tools lớn edit VR và 360 videos.

The creative’s first choice for designing visuals, After Effects excels at producing stunning graphics & eye-catching effects.

The next step in visual production, After Effects is the most powerful and easy-to-use ứng dụng for animated graphics, compositing, và effects design.

Add and organize videos Import a wide range of media files lớn the video clip editor. Moving-image files, still-image files, still-image sequences, và audio files combine seamlessly in your project.

Create, arrange, & compose layers Bring multiple assets together to lớn create a finished scene. A clear interface allows you to lớn remove backgrounds, isolate objects, & combine layers to build stylish compositions.

Add animations & effects Create animated titles and showroom 3D text, intros, & credit rolls. A comprehensive collection of effects helps you set anything in motion using keyframes, including logos, shapes, & cartoons. địa chỉ cửa hàng sound for really amazing results.

Render and export your videos Create the best đoạn phim file for your audience. Use the Render Queue to produce a high-resolution đoạn clip file or a compressed movie to lớn play on the web, or for DVD & Blu-ray.

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Repair & enhance đoạn clip Fix and stabilize shaky video clip footage, correct exposure, and edit đoạn phim color lớn get a cinematic look.

Edit like a VFX pro Build 3 chiều worlds, apply immersive effects, fix faulty greenscreen footage, and địa chỉ cửa hàng expert special effects.

Beautiful slideshows, moving stories, presentations, ads, và invites are simple khổng lồ produce with Spark Video, a miễn phí online đoạn clip editor và storyteller. You’re minutes away from realizing the đoạn phim of your dreams.

Get everything you need khổng lồ produce quick và compelling videos. It’s the first choice to lớn tell your story on web, mobile, and more.

Pick a template or start from scratch Promote your business online, launch an idea, support a cause, nói qua your travels, or follow your imagination.

Add graphics và visual themes Combine images, video clips, icons, or text. Search for miễn phí photos or icons right in the tiện ích or use your own images and video clips.

Add some audio Record narration or use music clips. You can add your own music & voiceovers, or search for the best không tính tiền music to địa chỉ cửa hàng the right touch.

Share everywhere Share your Spark video clip directly from the tiện ích to the platform of your choice, thư điện tử the link, or download it as an mp4.

Professional themes Select from a variety of layouts, colors, và fonts to build your branding. Then customize with text & photos that fit your needs.

Mobile apps for đoạn clip editing.

Inspiration can hit anywhere. With apps for your phone or tablet, you can pursue your creative vision wherever you are. Premiere Rush

The all-new, fast, flexible, & easy way to create và share online videos from anywhere. Premiere Rush works on all your devices, và your edits are automatically synced to lớn the cloud, so your latest work is always at your fingertips.

iOS Spark Video

Spark video clip templates make storytelling a breeze. In a few minutes you can combine videos, images, text, và music for presentations, social media, or web sharing. It’s the fastest và easiest way to create compelling short videos. Now everyone can tell their story with video.


Whether you’re looking for a simple or advanced video clip editor, our feature-rich apps will meet your needs.

Learn what you can create with Creative Cloud clip editing tools.

Whether you are just starting out or sharpening your skills, there’s an tiện ích for you. Our comprehensive how-to tutorials will help you khổng lồ learn the basics or master the newest features in no time.

Create & edit videos on the go Discover how Premiere Rush makes it easy to lớn create & share videos for YouTube, Facebook, & other social channels from anywhere.

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Learn five editing basics in Premiere Pro Create a đoạn phim in minutes. địa chỉ clips, create a sequence, make a title, adjust your audio, và export your completed clip in five easy steps.

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Try adding special effects to video clip Make a UFO fly by a cityscape. Use compositing features in After Effects lớn combine motion graphics and đoạn phim for an otherworldly experience.

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Whether you need a Windows clip editor or you work on macOS, Android, or iOS, Creative Cloud apps are perfect for your đoạn clip projects.

Premiere Pro, After Effects, và the web & mobile clip apps are all part of Creative Cloud, with membership plans for individuals and businesses. There’s also a low-cost option for students và teachers.