Where's my water? 2

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Where’s My Water?
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November 7, 2021 (2 weeks ago)

Where’s My Water? is a puzzle trò chơi where players will find a way khổng lồ bring clean water lớn the players in need. You will be the one lớn create the path so that the water can flow into the pipe correctly và complete the level in the best way. At the same time, there will be more chơi game that you will find, and new mechanics will also be introduced over time. So you will need khổng lồ think about these moves carefully.

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The story of Where’s My Water? begins with a character named Swampy, & he is an alligator who lives down the drain. Unlike the rest of his race, he has a friendly disposition and a thoroughly enjoyable bathing hobby. But an unfortunate thing happened that the clean water pipe was destroyed with other alligators. Therefore, the players will be the ones lớn find a way to let clean water flow into Swampy’s pipes khổng lồ complete the level.


You will find a sandy environment with some clean water that you can quickly identify at the beginning of the level. Also, near Swampy’s bathroom, you will see a broken pipe due to lớn the previous destruction, & there are no pipes between the water source và the bathroom. Your job is straightforward, cảm biến the screen and swipe it khổng lồ create a path where the water can flow and go lớn the bathroom pipe.


The chơi game that players experience is entirely accessible, và anyone can understand what they have to vì in Where’s My Water? but there will be many challenges they need to face. The number of challenges will increase as meeting Swampy is just the beginning. It is the nature of puzzle games when you try to complete the level in the best way. At the same time, the level of challenge is also shown in that you need to collect some items such as bath items và toy ducks.

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Toy ducks are similar lớn a star rating system where their performance in the trò chơi judges players. So, in the game’s environment, three toy ducks will be placed in different places, & you are forced to let water pass through them. You must cảm ứng them completely lớn pick them up, and the outcome of the level remains the same. So, over time, more challenging elements will appear before the players’ eyes.


If you think the level of Where’s My Water? just stop at the level of creating a street so that the water can flow, then that is an entirely wrong thing. It is only beginning as you still need to lớn observe the newly added elements of the trò chơi as some will be neutral, and others will have a harmful effect. So, when you encounter things with harmful effects, you should eliminate them before leaving clean water in the path you create.

One bad element that we can find in this Swampy quest is the pink acid, & when it touches clean water, the clean water will disappear. So you often have to lớn find a way lớn get rid of it, and over time, the environment in which you conduct water also becomes diverse as new systems are added. You will find a moving conveyor system, and you will need khổng lồ time the water to lớn fall down the pipe. So it will be a long journey for you.