Những Vai Diễn Đình Đám Của “Phù Thủy Hắc Ám” Mads Mikkelsen

A young 17th-century witch time travels to lớn the future to lớn save the man she loves, but first must adjust to lớn present-day Cartagena và defeat a dark rival.

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Created by Ana María Parra ("https://zagranmama.com/phim-phu-thuy-hac-am/imager_1_30259_700.jpgCuando Vivas Conmigo,"https://zagranmama.com/phim-phu-thuy-hac-am/imager_1_30259_700.jpg "https://zagranmama.com/phim-phu-thuy-hac-am/imager_1_30259_700.jpgLa Nocturna"https://zagranmama.com/phim-phu-thuy-hac-am/imager_1_30259_700.jpg). Based on the novel "https://zagranmama.com/phim-phu-thuy-hac-am/imager_1_30259_700.jpgYo, Bruja"https://zagranmama.com/phim-phu-thuy-hac-am/imager_1_30259_700.jpg by Isidora Chacón.
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A young 17th-century witch time travels to lớn the future to save the man she loves, but first must adjust to present-day Cartagena & defeat a dark rival.

While being burned at the stake in 1646 Cartagena, Carmen -- a witch and slave -- time travels to the future lớn save both herself & the man she loves.

Suspicious of Alicia, Carmen follows her to lớn a college class, where she tries to lớn fit in as a student in a strange world of cellphones and social media.

Carmen tries to lớn reach Aldemar via a Ouija board. Instead, a ghost who can't remember who he is appears. In the past, Cristóbal asks Aldemar for help.

A preventive step is taken to protect Carmen from Lucien, but it ends up affecting her memory, personality và maybe even her sanity.

While her friends look for her, a lost và disoriented Carmen runs into someone from her past. Johnny Ki discovers how lớn communicate with Cristóbal.

A text message on León's phone upsets Mayte. Carmen's heartbreak makes her thua control of her magic powers. Cristóbal secretly meets with Aldemar.

With her friends' help, Carmen tries to break the spell cast upon Mayte by rekindling León's ardor. Later, she learns Lucien's alternate identity.

After Carmen returns to Cristóbal in 1646, Aldemar travels lớn the present & confronts Lucien. Mayte struggles lớn recall what happened after her date.

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One of Carmen's friends travels to the 1600s khổng lồ bring her back, just as she gets caught planning a slave rebellion. Esteban faces a difficult decision.

In a final showdown, Carmen attempts khổng lồ lure the Fire Killer into a trap, but an ambush awaits her. Johnny Ki receives a rare and precious gift.

Carmen's magic gains popularity when she's outed as a witch on social media, but a new string of challenges awaits her.

Carmen's popularity soars when her powers are displayed on social media. In the past, Johnny Ki's antics get him into trouble with Kobo, a wild pirate.

Amanda accuses Carmen of hurting Miguel with her witchcraft & starts a petition against her. Alicia teaches Kobo about life in 2020.

Carmen seeks to lớn undo the đen magic curse that has been placed on her. Kobo finds a new job. Daniel begins his Mr. Hyde challenges.

Antares & his magic help Carmen learn more about why Amanda is attempting khổng lồ sabotage her. Daniel and León's side business backfires.

Amanda forces Daniel to lớn take them lớn the time-travel portal. Carmen is suddenly dragged back into her past, where she is met by familiar faces.

When Amanda asks Carmen khổng lồ train her, Alicia warns her friend not lớn trust her former enemy. Kobo takes kích hoạt to recover his treasure.

In order for Carmen lớn keep her powers, she must ask her friends to make some significant sacrifices. Miguel worries about Amanda.

When Carmen's life is put in danger và she's about to be burned at the stake, her friends must give up their greatest wishes lớn save her.

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