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Korean show, Full House (2004) was one of my first Asian dramas. If you have read my review on the show you will know how much I loved it. I was feeling a little low and wanted to lớn watch something funny so decided khổng lồ watch few of my favourite episodes. When I fed the shows’ name on the live streaming trang web it opened the vương quốc nụ cười version of Full House. I was too lazy lớn correct it so decided khổng lồ try the show. For once, I am glad that my laziness drove me to watch this AWESOME lakorn (drama in Thai). The plot-line is the same as the Korean version with slight tweaks in the script made to lớn accommodate certain aspects that were overlooked in the original show. It covered all the loopholes & ensured that every kích hoạt of the characters is clearly justified. The show was so good that I could not watch any other show in between & managed lớn finish it in three days (Spent half my Friday & the whole weekend glued to my PC).

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Full House (2014)

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Thailand adaptation of Full House is a 20 episode long thắm thiết comedy based on a writer named Aomame (Aom Sucharat Manaying) who is deceived by her younger sister and her boyfriend. They send Aomame on a không lấy phí trip to Korea & sell-off her house in her absence. On her plane to Korea, she meets famous actor and singer Mike D.Angelo (Mike Pirath Nitipaisankul) but leaves a very bad impression on him by throwing up on him. She runs out of money on her trip and tries to liên hệ her sister who remains unavailable. In a desperate attempt to get money to lớn return home, she borrows money from Mike by telling him her giả love story. On her return lớn Thailand, she discovers that her sister has sold all her belongings and her house and that she is left to fend for herself. With no place lớn go, she stays in her house waiting lớn talk to lớn its new owner. She finds out that Mike, who hates the mere sight of hers, has bought her house. Seeing her helpless state he agrees lớn let her live in the house as his maid. In a turn of events, she ends up in a contract marriage with Mike and eventually falls in love with him.

Let’s weigh the bầu version of Full House on our beam balance & see if it is worth the trăng tròn precious hours of your life or not.

Good Weights

Mike and Aom: I loved Rain and tuy nhiên Hye-Kyo in the original Full House và thought that nobody can ever play their roles better. But actors Mike Pirath Nitipaisankul and Aom Sucharat Manaying surprised me. I am not saying that they were better than Rain & Hye Kyo but they definitely were good. The two bầu actors did a fantastic job of portraying the arrogant Mike & the maladroit Aom.

Mike is HAWT! OK as an Indian viewer, you might his features slightly feminine sometimes but trust me he is a pretty boy with well-toned (and amply exposed) arms và washboard abs so, be a little patient and just follow the story. You will definitely start liking him.

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He looks good, acts well, dances smoothly, sings beautifully, and kisses like a perfectionist. What more do you want from a drama hero? 

Aom is super-duper cute và adorable. She has her own version of ‘Gomze Mariga’ & looks lượt thích a delightful little kid nhảy unknowingly khổng lồ a raunchy song.

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Chemistry: This couple’s chemistry is simply explosive và their height difference adds lớn their cuteness. Their constant squabble was funny và highly entertaining. The lãng mạn scenes were just perrrfect! I am in love with this couple.

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Comedy: Comedy is not an easy task. Nevertheless, both the actors did a fair job at it without overacting. They complement each other and make funny scenes look natural & easy.

Ice-cream Kiss: I am adding the ice-cream scene as a ‘good weight’ only because the ‘kiss’ was just out of this world! I have never seen anything so magical. It looked spontaneous yet so magnificent. I want to kiss the hands of the writer who wrote this scene. Stupendous! The setting, the lights, the atmosphere, the makeup, the build-up, & just everything were excellent.

Bad Weights

Slow Start: The show progresses slowly initially. It is very likely that you may get bored after the first two or three episodes. Actually, the show gets more interesting from episode 6 onwards. Once the two of them are publicly linked together, the show only gets better with each episode.

Dragathon: The love angle between Mike & Mintra is such a drag! Mintra is the antagonist & is an important character on the show but after a point, she just got on my nerves. I wanted to shake Mike, put some sense in him, and tell him lớn leave her for good. Similarly, other parallel angles felt painfully dragged. The show could have been shorter & flawless had they not pulled it lớn reach 20 episodes.

Like the Korean version, the thai Full House too is heavy with good weights which indicates that the show MUST be on your to-watch list. I cannot pick of the two versions, I thoroughly enjoyed both và would watch both the dramas again và again.

I give the show 4 out of 5 rating. If you are a sucker for love-hate relationships or enjoy the whole contract marriage scenario or are a die-hard lãng mạn then this show is PERFECT for you.