Lỗi Unable To Authenticate Trong Pokemon Go

If you are facing Unable khổng lồ Authenticate Pokemon Go Error, then here are some of the fixes that you could try out. Without a shadow of a doubt, Pokemon Go is among the best-augmented reality game. While catching Pokemon was everyone’s dream, this makes it a step closer khổng lồ reality. While the rules are pretty clear & straightforward, users are facing an issue or two. No, these issues aren’t related to catching any specific type of Pokemon.Bạn vẫn xem: Sửa lỗi unable khổng lồ authenticate pokemon go

Rather, the problem stems out from an authentication error. When users are launching the game, no matter whether it’s on quả táo or Android, they are being greeted with the error. Therefore, in this guide, we will danh mục out some of the ways through which you could fix the Unable to lớn Authenticate Pokemon Go error. Let’s check out.

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How to Fix Unable khổng lồ Authenticate Pokemon Go?

In this guide, we will try out many different fixes to rectify the said issue. The error could either be a result of the server-side issues, or there might be some issues with your Google tài khoản linked khổng lồ the trò chơi or issues related to the Pokemon Trainer Club (PTC) account. On that note, here are the different methods lớn fix the Unable to lớn Authenticate Pokemon Go error.

Method 1: Restart Device và Game

Well, before starting with other fixes, make sure to carry out the most basic one. More often than note, a simple reboot is all that is needed. So go ahead and close the game và try relaunching it. Make sure to lớn remove the game from the background processes as well. For that, go to lớn the Recents Apps section và swipe up to lớn close it. Now relaunch the game and see if the Unable khổng lồ Authenticate Pokemon Go error has been fixed or not. If not, reboot your device and run the game. Even then if you aren’t able to fix it, try the next method given below.

Method 2: Verify Pokemon Go in Trainers Account

Make sure that you have opted for the Pokemon Go in your Pokemon Trainers Club (PTC) account. To bởi so, follow the below steps:

Enter your credentials & click OK. Bởi vì keep in mind that your username might be different than your avatar or trainer name. Now accept the terms and conditions to proceed ahead.Go khổng lồ the Edit Profile option and click on Pokemon Go Settings. You should now see the following message (above the Terms of Use section)- “Great! You’re all set to play Pokémon Go. Additional settings can be changed in the Pokémon Go app.”If you don’t see the above message then you have probably missed a step or two. In that case, retry the above steps. Once done, launch the game & see if Unable khổng lồ Authenticate Pokemon Go error has been fixed or not.

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Method 3: Log in lớn the Game

If the above methods didn’t work out in your favor, then you could also try re-logging into your account. This could be done as follows:

If you have signed in lớn Pokemon Go và have previously played the game using the Trainers Club Account, and wish to lớn continue it, then follow the below steps:

Launch the game và head over khổng lồ the Returning Player option. Select the Pokemon Trainer Club & log in using your Pokemon Trainers Club trương mục credentials. This is the same credentials that you use while logging in to lớn the Pokemon Go website.

However, if you haven’t logged in khổng lồ the Pokemon Go, but have played the trò chơi using Pokemon Go Trainer tài khoản then follow the below steps:

Launch the game and tap on the New Player option. Next up, choose the Pokemon Trainer Club & sign in using your Pokemon Trainers Club trương mục credentials. Now try playing the game, the error should be fixed. See if the Unable lớn Authenticate Pokemon Go error has been fixed or not.

Method 4: Verify your Google Account

Some users are also able khổng lồ fix the Unable to lớn Authenticate Pokemon Go error by logging into the trò chơi using their Google linked account. For example, a Redditor found out that by using the Google tài khoản that has been linked to the game, the error no longer appeared. After that, try logging out of the in-game menu và then login with your Pokemon Trainers Club account.


With that, we conclude the guide on how to fix the Unable to lớn Authenticate Pokemon Go error. There is no universal solution to this error. Different users are able to rectify the same using different methods. Bởi vì let us know which method worked out in your favor. On that note, also check out our iPhone Tips và Tricks, PC tips & tricks, and Android Tips và Tricks.

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