Icloud Security Code Là Gì

iCloud Keychain is built into every iPhone, iPad, & Mac device. Learn how to use it lớn log into websites, Wi-Fi networks, and more!

MacBook sat on a desk with a screenshot of the iCloud Keychain page on Mac.
iCloud Keychain is Apple"s secure password manager for macOS, iOS, and iPadOS. The feature saves your passwords so you can log into websites, apps, and Wi-Fi networks quickly & easily.

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Here"s how iCloud Keychain works, why you should use it, & how to set it up.

How Does iCloud Keychain Work?

When you set up iCloud Keychain, you"ll need to lớn sign in to lớn your táo apple ID account. ICloud Keychain links to your hãng apple ID khổng lồ store your passwords to your account. All of your data is securely encrypted on your devices or on Apple"s iCloud servers.

When enabling iCloud Keychain, you"ll need to lớn make sure you have two-factor authentication enabled for your hãng apple ID. This is an extra security measure that sends a code lớn your táo apple devices, which you need lớn enter when logging in. This code stops anyone else from logging into your táo ID và accessing your passwords.

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iCloud Keychain stores website & app logins, mạng internet accounts, credit thẻ information, & Wi-Fi network passwords. When you use the feature, iCloud automatically syncs the login information to all of your apple devices.

Technically, iCloud Keychain isn"t a password manager. However, apple includes most of the features you"d find in third-party password managers, so iCloud Keychain works just as well.

How to Use iCloud Keychain on a Mac

To mix up iCloud Keychain on a Mac running macOS Catalina or later, you first need to xuất hiện System Preferences. Once the preferences are open, click on the Apple ID icon in the top-right corner và select iCloud in the sidebar.

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Screenshot of the iCloud settings page lớn turn on iCloud Keychain.
Once this page opens, make sure that the Keychain box is checked. If it isn"t already, click on the box to check it. If this is the first time you"re setting up iCloud Keychain, you"ll need khổng lồ Approve the decision. You"ll be asked for your táo ID and password, & a two-factor authentication code to vị so.

If you"re looking khổng lồ view your saved passwords, mở cửa the Keychain Access app. From here you can filter between the different types of data & the different places they"re stored. To lớn view a password, double-click an item and enable the Show Password box; you"ll need khổng lồ enter your keychain password to bởi vì so.

In macOS Monterey và later, you can easily view and manage passwords from the System Preferences. Head back khổng lồ the main window of System Preferences and click on the Passwords icon a couple of rows down. In this window, you"ll see all the saved login information.

Screenshot of the menu of passwords in iCloud Keychain on Mac.
You can click on each username lớn view the saved password, update the details, and generate a two-factor authentication code. The plus và minus options at the bottom of the các mục let you add new details or delete existing ones. Táo apple also shows you security risks, such as which of your passwords are weak.

All the saved keychain data gets used automatically in the appropriate application or website. For example, when you log in khổng lồ a trang web on Safari, the details get auto-filled. Before the details are auto-filled, you"ll need khổng lồ enter your password or use cảm ứng ID.

An example of iCloud Keychain auto-fill for log-in information on Safari.
This also works the other way, and you"ll be asked lớn save login information khổng lồ iCloud Keychain when you enter it. ICloud Keychain also offers to lớn automatically generate & save new passwords for you when creating accounts or changing a password.