Cách Reset Password Windows 7

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Let's work through the ideas one by one, starting with the easiest:

Use Your Windows 7 Password Reset Disk

Right now is the time to lớn use that Windows 7 password reset disk that you created. Congrats khổng lồ you for being proactive!

It's likely, however, that most of you don't have a Windows 7 password reset disk either because you didn't know the feature existed or you never thought you'd actually forget your Windows 7 password.

Either way, once you do get in with one of the other ideas below, be sure to come back to that links above và make one right away.

Have an Administrator Change Your Windows 7 Password for You

If other people that have accounts on your computer, one of them may be configured with administrator-level access. Since those with administrator privileges can manage the passwords of all the users in Windows 7, this person would be able lớn change your Windows 7 password for you from within his or her account.

Clearly, if you're the only person that has an trương mục on your computer, which is probably the situation for many of you, then this trick isn't going to vì you any good.

Reset Your Windows 7 Password With This Trick

There's a way lớn reset your Windows 7 password with nothing but the tools & software you already have at your disposal. This is a nifty little trick that anyone can pull off. The worst you'll have to do is boot from a disc or flash drive & use Command Prompt a few times.

Considering the fact that you likely don't really have a password reset disk or a second administrator on your computer, & you probably already have a headache trying to remember what you mix your password as, this trick will be the solution for most of you.

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gian lận Your Windows 7 account With a Password Recovery Program

If you've tried guessing, there are no other users on your computer, the last trick didn't work for some reason, và you are sure you don't have a Windows 7 password reset disk lying around, then it's time khổng lồ try something a bit more complicated.

Windows password recovery programs are software tools designed to lớn recover or reset/delete your Windows 7 password. They can sometimes be difficult to use but if you truly have forgotten your password and you can also follow some simple directions, there's an excellent chance that one of these programs will get you back into Windows.

Still Can't Find Your Windows 7 Password?

If you"ve tried everything above, và that lost Windows 7 password really is lost for good, then you"ll need lớn perform a clean install of Windows 7, a process which will erase everything on your computer.

It's a drastic, và obviously destructive, step but if you want your computer back, you'll need to lớn consider this option if everything else has failed.

What to do After You Reset Your Password

Forgetting your Windows 7 password, and having to lớn walk through various steps khổng lồ reset it, definitely isn't fun. So, you'd be wise khổng lồ take advantage of whatever methods possible to lớn avoid having to reset your Windows 7 password again in the future.

Beyond the password reset disk method mentioned above, you could save your new Windows 7 password in a password manager. So long as you use one with mobile access, you can refer to the password manager phầm mềm any time you need lớn remember your Windows 7 password.

Something you can vì instead is mix up your Windows 7 lớn automatically log in each time your computer starts. This definitely isn"t ideal if security is a concern, because then anyone can get in lớn your computer, but it does stop you from having to remember your password.